Challenges Of Fake College Degree


When it comes to the matter of fake college degree, first thing that comes to mind is the degree template. This degree template is used to create your fake degree certificate. Suppose, you have discontinued your studies due to some financial issues, and feel shy to go to the college again to learn, but you want a degree certificate. There are mainly two ways to get the fake degree certificate. First is to approach the professionals who are experts in creating the templates or do it yourself if you are good at creating templates.


Fake Templates

If you do it by yourself, you might face problems like unique paper, blurry images, lettering & ink, signatures and seals. You might fail in creating the realistic template if you don’t have proper knowledge and skills. If you approach the fake college diploma template sellers who have identical to your desired diplomas, you will get A+ novelty.


Fake Images

You might probably don’t have the diploma paper at you your local office. The college and universities use specialty papers that are difficult to make any duplicates and there will be non-stock versions content different unique materials or dyes to stand out of the crowd. This is just about templates. But even creating images is difficult. The school or institution uses its own image that is harder to print because of the details that is needed to print the image in high resolution. Actually, to create such hard images, 300 DPI is needed which is the minimal resolution needed even higher is preferred.


Lettering and Ink

It is also difficult to lettering and ink, as one or two fonts differ. Though you can download free fonts online, still you might face problem with the ink. The exact font type, colour and even texture become difficult to use in the templates. That’s why, it is better to approach the expert fake college degree template makers who resolve such problems with ease.


Fake Signatures and Seals

The signatures are made on the template by the president of the college or universities, board of trustees. While, these signatures are printed by machines due to the several number of diplomas that are given out every year. These templates arrive with blank spaces for the sake of signatures or an option will be available to upload your own custom signature. Thus, fake college degree certificates need to have all these to look original. Similarly, the seals must be taken care off.